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Not upselling? You're leaving money on the table!

A customer's revenue potential doesn't immediately end at the point of sale. There's a wealth of opportunity for more business beyond each initial purchase — and practices known as cross-selling and upselling can help you tap into it. Boostify Upsell Engine ensures your store does just that.

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OUR Solution

Instantly increase revenues with easy-to-use funnels

Boostify gives you everything you need to skyrocket your sales: easy to install and use, it comes with plenty of marketing levers, fully customizable layouts and an A/B testing feature helping you find what resonates with your visitors and boost your average order value.

OUR CORE Features

Rely on the right set of features to skyrocket your sales


Build Funnels In 30 Seconds

Simple or complex sales funnel strategies? We have got you covered. Our user interface makes it launch under 30 Seconds.

Perform A/B Tests in 1 Click

Create A/B tests with ease to find what resonates with your visitors and maximise your average order value.

Match your Brand Perfrectly

Customize the app design to perfectly match your store style and brand

Monitor your Performance

With a powerful analytics dashboard, you'll know which products to upsell or cross sell and when to do it.

Show your Deals with the Perfect Timing

Combine triggers on based on your customer behaviour to show your deals with perfect timing.

Rely on a 24x7 Support

Need Help? Talk in real-time to our Shopify experts within our chat box inside the app

Gamify your Funnels

Set up multiple cart threshold progress bars to motivate prospective customers to unlock specifc deals.

Create Urgency and Scaricty to Boost Sales

Countdown Timer and Low Stock Alert are a great way of encouraging shoppers to buy your products.

Choose among Plenty of Fully Customizable Templates

Our templates allows you to build up quickly your funnels while remaining fully customizable to match perfectly your store.


Take advantage of our sales-driven layouts to make a killing in the market

Beautifully Designed

Despite popular belief, people today are more than happy to engage with popups. Granted, if you’re putting together good popups. And trust us, we’ve seen firsthand how effective they are at boosting conversions and growing your customers list. But brands need to know what separates a stylish, attention-grabbing popup from something that’s going to annoy visitors and turn them away. That’s where we can help.

Fully Customizable

Building a coherent brand actually influences your customers’ perception of quality. A professional look will help your customers take you seriously and trust your attention to detail. The reason consistency is so important in your digital marketing is to ensure your brand has a clear, instantly recognisable identity, and continuously meets the standards your target audience has come to expect. If you’re confused about your identity, your customers will be confused too. That's the reason why we worked on making our layouts fully customizable. They are built to fit seamlessly into your overall brand and reflect your business' personality.

100% Responsive

When your website is easily accessible to all the devices and the users can conveniently search everything, you will enjoy lead generation, lead conversions, and many other benefits. In other words, the responsiveness of web design enhances the user-friendliness of the website and can make it easy for people to purchase from different devices. This is why we paid so much attention on Mobile First layouts, stunning on any mobile device, in any resolution.

Gamified Interactions

Progress bars accomplish the core goal of gamifying the shopping experience for consumers. They fill from left to right as you add more products, ultimately unlocking an incentive. Whether that incentive is free shipping, a limited time discount, multiple discounts, or a free gift will depend on you strategy. These progress monitors, sometimes called cart motivators or cart threshold progress bars have become a staple in modern day ecommerce and are thus an important baseline feature of our core offering.
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